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A new center of attraction: ERENKÖY

Surrounded by untouched nature.

Located at the entrance of the Karpaz Peninsula, which houses many historical cultural heritage sites, the Erenköy Region stands out with its fresh air and clean nature. The region, where the green of nature intertwines with the blue sea and sky, paints impressive sceneries of untouched natural wonders.

A place that increases in value with each passing day.

The Erenköy region is one of the rare locations that has been a favorite of both locals and tourists in recent years. This interest increases the value of AKOL MARINE each passing day.


Karpaz awaits you in the heart of nature with its tranquility, deep blue sea, and golden beaches.

The Karpaz Peninsula has unique natural qualities. Golden Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, has golden sand and is covered with endemic sand lilies. Furthermore, many beaches on the peninsula are home to sea turtles. If you are really lucky, you can even see the Mediterranean seals!
The Karpaz Peninsula is home to many cultures with glorious pasts. While the culture here offers you a lifestyle of freedom and comfort, it has also added diversity to the culinary culture. We recommend you try local delicacies during your stay here at every opportunity!
The Karpaz Peninsula, which will most certainly have a positive impact on your health with its nature and air, is the center of eco-tourism. Ecovillages and eco-accommodation spots in the region give way to natural and healthy lives for everyone living here.
The untouched nature, historical past, and cultural values of the Karpaz Peninsula create a variety of activities here. Its untouched nature provides excellent routes for hiking and nature-watching tours. The yacht marina in the region welcomes yachting enthusiasts. You will discover many more things to do during your stay!
  • - Go for a swim at Golden Beach. It is without a doubt one of the best beach sights on Earth.
  • - Watch the sun disappear beneath the turquoise sea at Ayios Philon.
  • - Spend a day at one of the eco-villages and discover Cypriot culture.
  • - Discover the fantastic mosaics at Ayios Trias Basilica.
  • - Get a taste for Cyprus mezze, fresh fish, and şeftali kebab at one of the many restaurants along the road.
  • - Join a hiking tour to discover the biological richness of Karpaz and its untouched natural beauty.
  • - You must see the wonderful Ronnas Shore and Golder Beach which are also sites where Caretta Caretta’s nest and lay their eggs.
  • - Observe the Karpaz Donkeys in the Karpaz Nature Park.
  • - Visit the İskele Icon Museum.
  • - Discover the giant statues from the Archaic Period in Yenierenköy
  • - Visit Ayios Philon Church on the northern shore of Dipkarpaz Village
  • - Aphendrika
  • - See the intriguing mosaics inside Ayios Trias Basilica.
  • - Whatever you do, you must visit Kings Hill in Kaleburnu Village.
  • İskele 45 min.
  • Famagusta 65 min.
  • Kyrenia 87 min.
  • Nicosia 113 min.
  • Güzelyurt 120 min.
  • Lefke 140 min.
  • Ercan Airport 80 min.

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: 140 dk.

Ercan Airport

: 80 dk.

An exclusive and spacious life built on 14.860 m2 of land, complete with 9.500 m2 of green space.

A project like no other in the region's only land with building permission opposite Karpaz Gate Marina, the largest and best marina of the island. AKOL MARINE consists of 24 exclusive villas located on 14.860 m2 and provides life surrounded by a total of 9.500 m2 green space.

Welcome nature into your home with a panoramic view.

Thanks to the carefully-designed architectural layout, the sea view will completely surround your home. You will be able to cool off in your 24 m2 detached pool, with a view of the sea and marina that can be seen from every floor, and watch the sunset on a 74 m2 terrace and a 6 m2 balcony with a view.

With its peaceful and quiet lifestyle, each day feels like a holiday.

AKOL MARINE, perfectly located where the blue sea and green trees intersect, is designed to offer you the best living space no matter what season.

Your life will be enriched with details combining luxury and comfort.

An elegant and quality project with a luxurious concept. So much more than the villa of your dreams...

June 2023 Handover

AKOL MARINE, implemented under the assurance of AKOL, will be delivered in June 2023. Take action now to acquire your new villa where you can wake up to the view of the deep blue sea of Karpaz every morning.

24 Luxury Villas where green and blue unite.

3 Bedroom 1 Livingroom Luxury Villas
with outstanding details.

176 m2

Total Indoor Space

74 m2

Terrace with a view

6 m2

Balcony with a view

24 m2

Private Pool

The perfect living space where you can embark upon new adventures.

These images are representative for illustrative purposes only and are not binding.

Payment and Delivery

Whether you are buying a home for investment or living, we offer you tailored payment plans and payment methods during the payment process.

As Akol Group, we offer you different payment plans for the real estate you want to buy. You can make your payments with different options during your payment plan, which we have specially shaped for your financial plans and budget.

In addition to bank loans, you can facilitate your payment process with many options such as medium and long-term payment plans. Moreover, the opportunity to collect crypto money is waiting for you!

You can contact us to determine your special payment plan and to get more detailed information about payment methods.

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Don’s miss out on the luxury villas with pools under the assurance of AKOL Group.

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